Did you know that carpet waste diversion from landfill in the UK has gone from 3% in 2008 to well over 40% in less than 10 years?

Anglo Recycling work with major UK retail companies such as John Lewis, major UK carpet manufacturers and national fitting companies and have found a way of producing great carpet underlays using more than 1000 tonnes each year of virgin carpet offcuts that used to go into landfill.

Leading the way in sustainability

Jo Unsworth, Fitted Flooring Buyer, John Lewis and Partners “We have been working alongside Anglo Recycling for nearly 20 years as a supplier partner. Together we have developed our closed loop recycling system which reduces waste at our suppliers and fitters. It also allows us to offer a good value and technically excellent underlay that our partners and customers love as it not only meets their flooring needs but also is good for the planet”


Less in the skip and loads of first class flooring products that customers love for quality, technical performance and price.