Moth Resistant Underlay

A carpet underlay made entirely from 100% polypropylene virgin carpet fibres.

Like most House Moths, Carpet Moths are attracted to the protein in virgin fibres, such as wool, silk, hair, animal fur, as well as traces of food, moisture, and perspiration. A carpet often has all these things, making it the ideal environment for Carpet moth Larvae to feast, thrive and grow.

In order to counter this Anglo Recycling have developed an underlay containing no virgin fibres so carpet moths will not be attracted. The other advantage of this product is that it uses only virgin synthetic fibre offcuts in manufacture. No chemicals are added or required.

PPYP85 : 750g/m² at 7mm thick
PPYP100 : 1000g/m² at 9mm thick
PPYP120 : 1250g/m² at 11mm thick