From Landfill to London Skyscraper

March 16th, 2014 | Posted by anglort in News

nz-house-viewAnglo Crumbwool carpet underlay has been installed in the New Zealand High Commission in London.

The High Commission is housed in a skyscraper known as New Zealand House in The Haymarket area of London, off Pall Mall.

Crumbwool is made from new wool rich carpet trimmings, the factory off cuts which would otherwise fill UK landfill sites. We combine the new carpet fibre with
crumbwool-flock-2_1recycled rubber tyres to create a product that is 100% recycled.

Sustainability not only runs throughout the underlay but the entire carpet installation. Flock’s Natural Living carpet was chosen and is Laneve approved. Meaning that the wool has been grown following New Zealand’s high farming practices and can be traced back to the very farm where the sheep graze.
nz-house-penthouseSo the Diplomats and Ministers in London will not only have a great view from the penthouse suite, they will also be walking on a soft, quiet and sustainable floor which feels great.

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