Let the ‘crumbwool’ rumble

May 16th, 2013 | Posted by anglort in News

Anglo developed crumbwool as a concept for Domotex 2013, the world’s largest carpet and flooring exhibition in Hannover, Germany. Crumbwool is a sustainable carpet underlay which doesn’t compromise on performance.

The concept underlay couldn’t be seen at the exhibiton as it was placed beneath a Laneve carpet on the Wools of New Zealand stand. British made Crumbwool was also placed in the Flooring Deluxe competition going head to head with a selection of the world’s greatest flooring designs and products.

The crumbwool concept underlay is made from new British carpet. Felt is manufactured from carpet edge trims taken from carpet factories. The wool felt is combined with rubber crumb taken from car tyres to create a hybrid providing great underlay characteristics. Anglo’s unique equipment enabled the crumbwool carpet underlay to be born.

The crumbwool concept was selected as the ideal partner for a Wools of New Zealand Laneve carpet. Laneve is a brand and mark applied to carpets that are sustainably produced and the wool is traceable right back to individual farms.

To enquire about Anglo carpet underlays or crumbwool click here.

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