Anglo recycles Olympic Village carpet

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Anglo Recycling have recently contributed to the ongoing sustainability performance of the Olympic Park re-development.

As part of the creation of 700 new affordable apartments at the former Olympic Village, leading flooring contractor Axiom Contract Flooring sought an outlet for the large quantities of broadloom carpet fitting offcuts generated. On contacting Carpet Recycling UK, Axiom Contract Flooring were referred to CRUK members Anglo Recycling, resulting in a first collection of installation waste within just seven days. The off-cuts have now been reprocessed by Anglo into felt underlay with 100% recycled content.

The project is an excellent example of Carpet Recycling UK’s ability to facilitate specialist recycling services. In this high profile case, it has resulted in several tonnes of clean carpet off-cuts being reprocessed and diverted valuable raw materials from landfill to keep them within the flooring supply chain. Andy Hall of Anglo Recycling commented: “We are delighted to be given the opportunity to collect the material from the Olympic refurbishment project and help to resolve the potential landfill problem for Axiom Contract Flooring.”

From Landfill to London Skyscraper

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nz-house-viewAnglo Crumbwool carpet underlay has been installed in the New Zealand High Commission in London.

The High Commission is housed in a skyscraper known as New Zealand House in The Haymarket area of London, off Pall Mall.

Crumbwool is made from new wool rich carpet trimmings, the factory off cuts which would otherwise fill UK landfill sites. We combine the new carpet fibre with
crumbwool-flock-2_1recycled rubber tyres to create a product that is 100% recycled.

Sustainability not only runs throughout the underlay but the entire carpet installation. Flock’s Natural Living carpet was chosen and is Laneve approved. Meaning that the wool has been grown following New Zealand’s high farming practices and can be traced back to the very farm where the sheep graze.
nz-house-penthouseSo the Diplomats and Ministers in London will not only have a great view from the penthouse suite, they will also be walking on a soft, quiet and sustainable floor which feels great.

The Magical Crumbwool Creation Process

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A short animated film that shows how we recycle carpet pieces and old tyres in to Crumbwool carpet underlay.

This video has been made by Wools of New Zealand.

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Let the ‘crumbwool’ rumble

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Anglo developed crumbwool as a concept for Domotex 2013, the world’s largest carpet and flooring exhibition in Hannover, Germany. Crumbwool is a sustainable carpet underlay which doesn’t compromise on performance.

The concept underlay couldn’t be seen at the exhibiton as it was placed beneath a Laneve carpet on the Wools of New Zealand stand. British made Crumbwool was also placed in the Flooring Deluxe competition going head to head with a selection of the world’s greatest flooring designs and products.

The crumbwool concept underlay is made from new British carpet. Felt is manufactured from carpet edge trims taken from carpet factories. The wool felt is combined with rubber crumb taken from car tyres to create a hybrid providing great underlay characteristics. Anglo’s unique equipment enabled the crumbwool carpet underlay to be born.

The crumbwool concept was selected as the ideal partner for a Wools of New Zealand Laneve carpet. Laneve is a brand and mark applied to carpets that are sustainably produced and the wool is traceable right back to individual farms.

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Anglo Launch Social Enterprise

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My inspiration for Anglo Social was a wonderful lady called Kate Atkinson. She left Oxford University and instead of going into the city like so many of her contemporaries- she headed for Govan in Glasgow to set up a carpet recycling social enterprise.

6 years later it is still running and following her dream to provide work experience for recovering drug addicts, providing cheap flooring to some of the poorest, as well as reusing a resource that we used to throw away.

My motivation in setting up Anglo Social, as part of the Anglo family group of companies, was my son James who is autistic. 80% of autistic adults don’t work- and I want to show that many of them are quite capable of work- albeit with a bit of help and support in casino online.

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