Carpet Underlay

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RecoWool Carpet underlay made from carpet


Confronting carpet industry issues – RecoWool is made from recycling carpet off cuts. This new raw material was going to landfill but Anglo Recycling developed a machine that recycles this into carpet underlay.

Flame retardant – The RecoWool fibre blend does not melt easily and exceeds the British Standard for underlay.

Improve energy efficiency – RecoWools air pockets and wool fibres create a natural thermal blanket for floors improving energy efficiency.

Avoid noise from walking – RecoWool absorbs sound due to the natural characteristics of soft fibres.

Increase carpet lifetime – RecoWool performs 8% better under compression than our own traditional underlay. It reduces impact on carpet and will keep your floor looking great for years.

Reducing environmental impact – RecoWool is manufactured using a low carbon manufacturing method. The manufacturing process is dry from oils and requires a little amount of energy to make.

Commercial Manager of a major UK flooring distributor says,

When I first saw a sample of RecoWool, there was no doubt in my mind that this was an ideal product to run with. It has equally as great a benefit as any other underlay, but can boast that it is 100% recycled, and is extremely cost effective. We’re finding that there is more of a demand for eco-friendly products in the market place, more so nowadays than ever before. This is evident since seeing our sales double with Anglo Recycling Technology in 2011


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FR Endurance Traditional underlay for the modern world

Flame retardant – The traditional blend of jute and wool hair is naturally flame retardant.

Contract performance FR endurance is a hybrid of wool and jute fibres. Wool provides natural spring to give an excellent compression performance, whereas jute provides resilience and toughness. 

100% natural – FR endurance is made from jute and wool which is natural and sustainable.

100% recycled fibres – Did you know our jute is made from recycled coffee and rice sacks.

Reduce heating costs – Fibres create a natural thermal blanket for floors improving energy efficiency.

Sound insulation – Air pockets between fibres provide natural sound absorption.



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Polymer-Felt Combining old and new underlay properties

Felt and polymer hybrid – Wool fibres are bonded with polymer to provide ‘best of both’ felt and polymer properties.

Fitter friendly – Polymer-Felt is lightweight and easy to cut and lay at under 10kg per roll.

100% recycling fibres – Polymer-Felt is made from the RecoWool fibre which last year diverted 600 tonnes of waste from landfill.

Helping to keep a warm house – The high wool content in our underlays is just what people want under their toes especially in winter months.

High sound insulation – Air pockets between fibres and the two polymer layers provide a great sound reduction of 35dB.

Great look and finish – Polymer-Felt is a ‘shock absorber’ that keeps the pile on the carpet looking as good as new. With great recovery and resilience. 


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Felt-Rubber Combination Palace luxury living with the “best of both worlds”

Product range – Anglo Silver and WoolRich provide a 10mm and 11mm thick felt-rubber combination underlay.

Natural Grip – The natural ‘give’ in the felt helps the fitter to bed in seams and also even out any imperfections in the sub-floor.

Sound insulation – The High density of the rubber and felt gives excellent sound insulation and therefore comes highly recommended for apartments and other noisy areas.

Great comfort – The felt and rubber layers create a luxury feel and spring.

Excellent compression – Rubbers mechanical properties provide a natural memory.

Thermal insulation – Air pockets between fibres creates a heat trap, keeping temperatures warm in winter and cool in summer.

100% recycled materials – Rubber recycled from tyres and the felt recycled from textiles. 



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