Anglo Recycling Technology products are manufactured using low energy techniques and use 100% recycled fibres. We are very proud that our carbon footprints are far below those of alternative products.

In January 2011, Anglo installed a pulling line which enables us to pull the fibres from wool rich carpet edge trims and to produce our 100% recycled carpet underlay, Reco. Before this, we were among the many companies sending our waste to landfill. Now, we not only recycle our waste but also that of other companies.

Rob Load of Penthouse Carpets, Rochdale says,

I had a problem with up to 250 tonnes a year of production offcuts that were all going to landfill. Through Carpet Recycling UK, I got in touch with the team at Anglo Recycling. Working together we developed a process by which Anglo could reprocess all my wool rich carpet edges into fibre which they then successfully made into a felt. Subsequently we bought the resulting carpet underlay back from them and now sell it through our sales team. Even more importantly, Penthouse Carpets no longer send any carpet offcuts to landfill.

Our natural jute and wool carpet underlay was recently analysed by the Green Business Network. It was found that its carbon footprint is less than 30g/CO² per square metre of felt. To put this into context, a single packet of crisps has a carbon footprint of 80g/CO². That’s doing over 2.5 times more damage to the environment for a 5 minute life span.

In addition to all this, Anglo’s Managing Director, Simon Macaulay contributes to greener flooring outside of the business as Chairman of Flooring Sustainable Partnership. You can download the FSP Annual Report 2012 here.